We love movies & tv shows.

We like watching them (obviously), we like talking about them, we like thinking about them.

Most of all, though, we like working with the people who make them.

Voidonauts is a brand new creative studio, founded in 2018 and dedicated to two things: making the best, most desirable marketing assets for your new film or show, and helping to develop the new films and shows of tomorrow.

We are animators, motion designers, illustrators and graphic designers. We’re story-tellers, like you, and we live and breath for a great tale, told well.

We’re based in Co.Clare in the West of Ireland, close to Troy Studios, Shannon Airport and all of the film-making amenities the region has to offer. We’d love to be part of your production, so drop us a line and let’s make cool stuff together.



Key Creative

Title Design

Proof of Concept

Pitch Decks

Social Creative

Character & Environment Design

Promotional Creative

Motion Design